WHICH POTATOES ARE BEST FOR HEALTHY POTATO SOUP? I love a combination of russet and red potatoes. I cube them and always leave the skin on for added color, texture, and taste. Leaving the skin on keeps the nutrient count

One of the things I have learned from starting this blog is that every recipe can be broken down to a simple, easy, and straight-forward approach. But, for some reason, sometimes, I forget this and, instead, think certain recipes would

Fall is back, baby! That means all of my favorite rituals have come back as well: pumpkins, mums and crazy amounts of cozy comfort food. Today, I’m sharing with you this incredible recipe for what I’m describing as the “World’s

It’s a riff on the classic chicken and wild rice soup of my childhood. But in lieu of the chicken (which you’re still welcome to add if you’d like), I’ve loaded this soup up instead with lots and lots of

When I was younger I had a job as a prep cook/dishwasher/server in a retirement home. I worked for a wonderful cook named Ruth. The home only had about 25 residents, so she was able to make them home cooked

I went back for that soup 3 times during my week long vacation and promised myself I would recreate it when I got home. Finally, after little tweaks and changes, I made a pot that upon first bite transported me back to

Nothing screams cozy like a giant bowl of Italian Chicken Tortellini Soup. Simple and comforting – this soup hits the spot every-single-time. Feeds a crowd! Chicken Tortellini Soup If there’s one thing you might know about me by now, it’s

This Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup is so easy and always a crowd-pleaser! Perfect for those chilly nights when you need a little comfort food in your life! Top with plenty of Parmesan cheese and serve with crusty Italian bread (and

This Lemony Chicken and Rice Soup is SO delicious and comforting… you’ll want to curl up with a big bowl all Winter long! Loaded with tender chicken, tons of veggies, and plenty of rice, this soup is total comfort food.

For being someone that grew up NEVER eating grilled cheese with tomato soup (like never, we never ate it even once, because my mom was scarred for life as a kid by canned Campbells tomato soup), it’s crazy to me