Eeeek. I am ridiculously excited to share this spring nicoise salad with you today! This spring version of the nicoise salad is loaded with crunchy green beans and asparagus, gorgeous radishes, tender potatoes and salty olives. Because, the color! Look

Seriously, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s light and refreshing on a super hot day. It’s easy to serve to friends and family (… if we can ever see them again) and the combination of melon

Which is… to find a good peach. Just ONE good peach. I’m lucky to get one or two good peaches every summer, which probably means I should move somewhere that has better peaches. And I tell you the same thing

When I was home one summer in college, my brother and I both worked at Quiznos. He was obsessed with the chicken bacon ranch sandwich. I think it was the most popular sandwich or something? I couldn’t be bothered with

One of my biggest summer goals this year was to dine outside as frequently as possible, and this Shrimp Pasta Salad has been my faithful sidekick. It travels well, comes together in minutes, and in the unlikely event that my friends don’t

Recently, we had the opportunity to fish at a beautiful dam at the Horseshoe Trout and About while being on holiday in Sabie, Mpumalanga. It is a beautiful way to spend your day in nature and we were fortunate enough to catch

Let’s be real, bloody marys in the last ten years have come a loooonnng way. They come with things like lobster mac, fried green tomatoes and jalapeno poppers. Hello?! Still, I’d order one, take a sip and not even be

It may come as a surprise, but I have to freaking LOVE a chicken salad recipe in order to share it. I still have nightmares from my childhood of chicken (or tuna… or egg…) salad swimming in mayo, with barely

Even though I’m still cooking on an electric skillet, I want to alternate our dinners this week with some tex-mex AND derby ideas. And while super cheesy, meaty tacos every evening don’t sound terrible, I should probably be a bit