Easy whole30 and paleo breakfast! Only takes 3 ingredients and a few minutes to make. Loaded with healthy fats and protein! Naturally sweetened with sweet potato. Creamy and addictively smooth.   

Gingerbread cinnamon rolls are very similar to traditional cinnamon rolls, but the dough is flavored with ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. The final rise occurs overnight, so they can be baked

These pumpkin crepes are delicious light and golden crepes, flavored with actual pumpkin and pumpkin spice for the perfect fall breakfast. Stuffed full of pumpkin cheesecake for a perfect fall

It’s ridiculously chocolaty, decadent, and between the layers of brownies, cream cheese, chocolate pudding, whipped topping, and Oreo cookies, you will be in a chocaholic food coma heaven, which is

Get your morning off to a healthy start with a colorful breakfast bowl full of fruit. Use your favorite granola—either homemade or purchased—to add satisfying crunch. The recipe can easily

You know, something to whip up for that special someone…for that breakfast-in-bed-type special… But if I’m being really honest, this just needs to get made for every single breakfast. Not

You’ll find me eating a version of this bowl nearly every day. It has a little bit of all my favorite things — whole grains, sautéed greens, a yolky egg,

I love wonton soup, especially when it is full of veggies, which helps make it more of a meal. Unfortunately, my local Chinese takeout restaurant makes a basic one with