Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Recipe
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Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

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Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Recipe. Coffee Ice Cream can often be quite difficult to make. Firstly coffee strength is a personal taste and so it is sometimes very tricky to judge exactly how much coffee you need to put into the ice cream. Secondly coffee as a flavor can be pretty bitter so you need to be very careful that you get the balance of bitterness and sweetness exactly right.

And finally, to make a truly good coffee ice cream you have to make a really really strong cup of coffee, and no matter how many times you make it you always worry that it is going to be far too bitter and far too strong.

Hopefully, after all this negativity I haven’t put you off trying my recipe for coffee ice cream. This homemade ice cream has a wonderful grown-up flavor and goes down really well at dinner parties. For me, it is a winter dessert, just perfect to be eaten after an evening meal with friends and family. Read also: Vanilla Ice Cream Recipes

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Perfect in its own right it is also great to add other ingredients too. Underneath this recipe, I have written a tip for adding a liqueur and if you want to make a divine coffee and chocolate ice cream you can check out my Chocolate 7 heaven ezine article or find it on my website.

Recipe for Coffee and Cream Ice Cream

Measurements are in both metric, which I use is a Brit living in France and American. There is a difference in the cream and milk quantity for metric and American measurements because I use double cream in my recipes which is heavier than the American heavy cream.

375ml Milk / 1 1/4 Cups Milk

225ml Double Cream / 1 1/4 Cups Heavy Cream

4 Large Egg Yolks 125g / 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

1 Vanilla Pod

1/2 teaspoon Ground Nutmeg

4 tablespoons Ground Coffee

200ml / 1 Cup Water

Boil the water and make the coffee either in your coffee maker or in a jug. Add the half teaspoon of nutmeg and let it stand for a few hours.

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Scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod into the milk and cream and heat until the liquid is almost boiling. DO NOT LET IT BOIL. Put to one side and let it cool.

Put the egg yolks and the sugar into a bowl and mix until the sugar has dissolved. Add this to the cream and milk that has been reheated almost to boiling point again and then heat over low heat for about ten minutes until you have a mixture that is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Read also: Banana Split Dessert Ice Cream

Add your coffee to the mixture, if this has been made in a jug you will need to sieve the coffee liquid to ensure you get no grains in the mixture, and pour into an Ice Cream Maker, churning as per your manufacturer’s instructions. Freeze and use within a week.

To make a coffee liqueur ice cream add a 30ml or 2 tablespoons of your favorite liqueur to the coffee when it is standing in the jug. Tia Maria is my personal favorite, closely followed by Amaretto.

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