Beef Recipes for Dinner Shredded
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Beef Recipes for Dinner Shredded

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Beef Recipes for Dinner Shredded

Beef Recipes for Dinner Shredded. There was a piece of beef for a few friends who came by on Sunday evening. I thought my son would invite a bunch of friends, so I put the second roast in the pot. Long story short, I ended up with a ton of shredded beef. But none of it was lost because I used it with the following recipes.

I added all sorts of ingredients to make the meat tender and tasty. A friend told me what she does. It’s super easy, waterproof and makes a great sauce. This is the recipe I receive compliments about. I keep it simple now and so I make my shredded beef every time.


3 – 4 lb drill bit or other cheap roast beef (as in poor quality)

1 brown gravy envelope

1 envelope ranch dressing

2 cups of water


Pour the water and mix the brown gravy and ranch mix with the water. I usually mess it up because you can not really stir it when you put in the roast meat.

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When the meat is cooked, place it in a bowl and pull it with two forks to chop it. Bet that you can not do that without testing the meat! Crap !! And it will make your house smell really good!