Beef Recipes for Dinner Diced
Hearty beef casserole from Beef Recipes for Dinner Diced ,

Beef Recipes for Dinner Diced

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Beef Recipes for Dinner Diced

How to Cook Diced Beef

Cooked in a bread with winter vegetables. The burning or tanning of the outer and lean surface of the meat, usually at a fairly high temperature, develops the taste and color by caramelization.

This is an important step in many cooking methods to produce a tasty meal. After tanning, apply an oven dish and add seasoned diced vegetables. Stir in stock or liquid, mix well and pour over meat and vegetables. The liquid should almost cover the meat.

Cover and prepare in a preheated oven or oven according to the recipe. If you use a slow cooker, follow the steps above, but do not add too much liquid (water, broth, wine). In general, 1 cup of liquid is sufficient to cook with 1 kg of meat.

When adding rice, pasta or meatballs, more liquid is needed. A well-fitting cover holds the steam, which softens the connective tissue and softens the meat. Enjoy the dishes

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